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Biographie Best-Rated Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial vacuums are a great choice for many people due to their power and high-capacity. Users of this kind of vacuum do not need to care about what they are vacuuming, dry or wet, dust or gravel, as their vacuum is able to collect all kinds of mess.

When you come to select a vacuum, there are plenty of choices, so you will wonder, "Which one should I buy?" Therefore, we give you immediate access to The Best Vacuum Cleaners for commercial purposes that we could find.


Produced by the best vacuum brand – Hoover, the Hush Tone Lite vacuum is suitable for all commercial purposes, including offices, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

The vacuum makes itself stand out of the pack by its super light weight of only 11 pounds and its durability that enables users to do cleaning continuously without any hassle.

The machine has reliable suction power thanks to its 5-Amp motor. It works well on multiple surfaces, consisting of bare floors, hardwood floors, and carpets. The automatic height adjustment function allows for deep cleaning on carpets so, thick pile carpet is no longer a big issue.

This product utilizes a HEPA filter system to maintain the best air quality, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. The machine generates only 69 dB of noise, meaning it works not only effectively but also quietly.

Some other features of this vacuum are the “Bag Check” indicator that notifies users when the bag needs to be changed and “Edge Cleaning” bristles that allow for vacuuming right beside the baseboards.


The second name we would like to introduce to you is the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS – the Best vacuum cleaner for home for commercial purposes. Weighing only nine pounds, the portable design of this vacuum involves no effort to carry and needs less space to store.

Equipped with a “Helping Hand” handle and a power button on the handgrip, this machine is easy to use so you will experience no hassle during your cleaning process. The vacuum works efficiently on multiple floors, including hardwood floors, tiled floors, and low-pile carpets.

With an automatic floor adjustment system, the vacuum can be moved to clean different types of floors without the need for changing manual settings. Its powerful motor and balanced brush roll enable quick cleaning in larger areas compared to other vacuums.


Similar to Hoover, the Sanitaire SC679J upright vacuum delivers strong suction power thanks to its 5-Amp motor, enabling users to clean bigger areas without any problem.

The machine can perform on various kinds of floors, and it works especially well on carpets. It comes with a 30-foot cord, so users do not need to unplug the cord from the power source when moving to other places.

This vacuum has an 18-dry quart shake-out bag that can be emptied and washed after use, which is both environmental-friendly and cost-saving as compared to disposable bags. It generates a noise level of 78 dB only so it can be used in noise-sensitive places.


We notice that people tend to fall for upright vacuum because they cost less and are easy to store; that's the reason why this post only mentions upright vacuum cleaners. If you are interested in other kinds of commercial vacuums, you may find it in our next post.


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